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School Kids Yoga


Little Yogis Yoga Club classes are a perfect mix of FUN and CALM. 

Does your child get stressed and need to learn how to reset?
Are they busy and never seem to stop? 

Would they benefit from a class that empowers them to feel more confident in their body and sense of self? 

Using themed classes, we move our bodies in a fun way; enjoying different poses & interactive group activities. Our classes finish with a focus on calm breathing and mindfulness, kids are ready to be still and learn how to listen to their own body.


Little Yogis Yoga Club

Our movement & mindful program is not run like an adult yoga class, our classes are full of games music and lots of fun but always with a mindful twist. Ready steady, let's play yoga!!

Ready steady, lets play Yoga


Our movement & mindfulness programs can have such a positive effect on children of all ages, it supports

  • social and emotional learning

  • promotes self-coping 

  • mindfulness,

  • self-esteem

  • collaboration

  • respect 


As well as the physical benefits of enhanced fine & gross

motor skills, balance, core strength, posture & flexibility. The

program is a really sensible way to promote wellness for kids

giving them the tools to look after their mind & body.

kids yoga auckland smiling
kids yoga auckland smiling and waving

What to expect

Classes are held once/week and are run according to the Auckland school terms, usually in 10 week blocks. After school yoga clubs are normally held onsight at your Childs school.

Yoga warm up and breathing exercises, followed by yoga poses (done individually, in partners and in groups), yoga games, mindfulness activities and relaxation, arts & crafts.

Classes are themed based on the children’s interests, books, music, art and holidays throughout the year. For example, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, and books etc. 

Helping to raise Kind, Confident Resilient Kids!!

Developing skills to enhance children 

Yoga can help children develop the appropriate skills required for optimal learning in school:

  • Self-confidence – yoga builds self-love, increases feel good endorphins, improves athletic performance, helps with focus and teaches children to let go.

  • Self-regulation – yoga teaches children how to identify their emotions and gives them techniques to help self-regulate.

  • Receptive language – yoga teaches children how to follow verbal instructions on how to perform the yoga poses and follow class rules.

  • Expressive language – our yoga classes are interactive, where we ask the children questions. These helps deveop their communication skills.

  • Social skills – our yoga classes include partner and group yoga poses and activities. These encourages the development of social skills in children

  • Gross motor skills – yoga encourages development of body awareness, helping build good core, back, legs and arms strength. It helps develop co-ordination, balance and flexibility.

  • Independence – our yoga classes follow a routine of warm up, breathing, yoga poses, games and relaxation. As the children gests used to the routine, they start to develop independence, requiring less assistance and prompting. 

What others are saying about us...

School Yoga Teacher

I am a fully trained KidsYoga Teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching in Christchurch, Auckland, Australia and the UK.

I love teaching these fun classes and I can't wait to share them with you.

Donna x


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