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Preschool Yoga


Storytime Yoga for Early Learning Centres across Auckland

Offering kids yoga in your childcare centre brings with it a host of benefits for the children, your staff and your early childhood centre.  

By incorporating a centre-based kids yoga preschool program, you begin to cultivate a calm and relaxed environment for both the children and your staff. Not only do the children benefit from a regular yoga and mindfulness practice, but you can boost your enrolments too.  


Little Yogis Storytime Yoga

Kids yoga classes give children a chance to move their bodies, have fun, and learn about being mindful and their breath in a safe and supportive environment. Children's yoga classes are designed to help kids develop strength, flexibility and coordination while learning about their magical breath and how it helps them to self soothe and build resilience.  


Yoga for children has been shown to improve emotional regulation and challenging behaviours, reduce stress and cultivate a general sense of wellbeing.  

Our toddler yoga and children's yoga classes are the best yoga for kids’ classes you can offer.

If you're looking for a way to boost
enrolment and provide a healthy learning environment consider offering in-school yoga for kids

Here's why:  


Classes are run by highly trained kids yoga teachers who are passionate about kids AND yoga.

Each class combines traditional yoga techniques with breathing exercises, stories, music, imagination and mindfulness to create a unique kids yoga experience. 

These classes encourage children to discover their inner potential in a non-threatening environment and to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

Our business model partners with centres that choose yoga because of it’s many worthwhile gifts. What differentiates Kids Yoga from other large motor activities is it’s additional focus on deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation.


These experiences equip young children with tools to help manage anxiety and stress, such as separation anxiety and social challenges. We passionately believe that such tools should be offered to every child.

kids yoga class auckland


  • develop balance, strength and body awareness

  • build toned and supple muscles

  • understand the magic of their breath

  • increase their concentration, focus and attention

  • nurture their imagination and creativity

  • build self-esteem and confidence in a                              non-competitive environment

  • develop personal tools for stress management

  • enjoy increased self awareness

  • learn compassion and co-operation

  • respect others and the environment

  • learn basic anatomy and physiology 


Classes are held once/week and are run according to the Auckland school terms, usually in 10 week blocks.


Session times can be tailored to suit your centre's needs and typically would include:  ​

  • under 2's - 20 minutes

  • 2-3 year olds – 20 minutes

  • 3-5 year olds – 30 minutes

Yoga warm up and breathing exercises, followed by yoga poses (done individually, in partners and in groups), yoga games, mindfulness activities and relaxation.

Classes are themed based on the children’s interests, books, and kindergarten curriculum. For example, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, NAIDOC and books such as Wombat Stew etc. 

kids yoga auckland class bear

Let us show you what a kids Yoga class is like with our free trial session!

Developing School Readiness by:

Yoga can help children develop the appropriate skills required for optimal learning in school:

  • Self-confidence – yoga builds self-love, increases feel good endorphins, improves athletic performance, helps with focus and teaches children to let go.

  • Self-regulation – yoga teaches children how to identify their emotions and gives them techniques to help self-regulate.

  • Receptive language – yoga teaches children how to follow verbal instructions on how to perform the yoga poses and follow class rules.

  • Expressive language – our yoga classes are interactive, where we ask the children questions. These helps deveop their communication skills.

  • Social skills – our yoga classes include partner and group yoga poses and activities. These encourages the development of social skills in children

  • Gross motor skills – yoga encourages development of body awareness, helping build good core, back, legs and arms strength. It helps develop co-ordination, balance and flexibility.

  • Independence – our yoga classes follow a routine of warm up, breathing, yoga poses, games and relaxation. As the children gests used to the routine, they start to develop independence, requiring less assistance and prompting. 

What others are saying about us...

Preschool Yoga Teacher

I am a fully trained KidsYoga Teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching in Christchurch, Auckland, Australia and the UK.

I love teaching these fun classes and I can't wait to share them with you.

Donna x


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