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Real Birth Stories 

To inspire you to learn more about Hypnobirthing with me so I can teach you HOW to have a positive birth experience.

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Hypnobirthing is for all births!!

On this page you will find many stories of birth, but remember birth comes in all different shapes and sizes.  I teach Hypnobirth classes here in Auckland and Online for ALL births.  You will learn techniques not for a type of birth, but to be applied for any birth.

Learning the science of birth will help you understand your body and how to have a positive birth experience.  These amazing parents are sharing their stories from all over the world where I have been lucky enough to work.

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The Joyful Arrival of Our Beloved Finn 

Hey there, lovely readers! Today, I'm excited to share the incredible birth story of the. Most gorgeous baby boy, Finn. This journey was a true testament to the strength of women and the magic of childbirth. I met Emma & James when they took my Hypnobirth Classes Auckland north shore class.  This was Emmas Second birth experience and was desperate for her water birth. So, join me as I take you through this unforgettable experience.

 "I wanted to feel excited about birth" 

I'll begin by painting a picture of my challenging second pregnancy. It wasn't easy, with pelvic girdle pain, blood clot scares, and worries about our baby's breech position. Pregnancy took its toll on me, and I couldn't help but feel guilty for not being able to assist my toddler. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when I learned that Finn wasn't breech and that I could have the natural birth I'd always dreamt of, thanks to my Hypnobirthing classes & techniques that I learned.

Determined to embrace this experience, I prepared myself for a water birth, armed with the techniques I'd learned in my Hypnobirth classes Auckland. My mind was clear: I wanted to feel excited about giving birth!

The Journey Begins

On my due date, I went for a checkup with my midwife, feeling a few niggles leading up to the appointment. After confirming that all was well, I decided to go for a sweep. The midwife revealed that I was already 3cm dilated and that my cervix was soft, with "bulging waters" and an exciting reputation for breaking them. This marked the start of an eventful journey!!

Boosting Oxytocin with Hypnobirthing Class Techniques 

Returning home filled with hope, my husband James and I were on our way to meeting our little one. Dull period cramps came and went, but we continued to move around the house, staying hydrated, and filling our minds with positivity, thanks to the Hypnobirth Classes Auckland. I honestly felt calm & in control. To boost that all-important oxytocin. When things eased up a bit, we decided to get a good night's sleep, anticipating that something might happen soon.

Breathing Through Contractions with Hypnobirthing Techniques

Around 4 a.m. on a Friday morning, those period pains escalated into contractions. I called the delivery suite to inform them but decided to stay home for as long as possible. Throughout the day, the contractions intensified, occasionally taking my breath away. I powered through them, focusing on the wave, knowing that each contraction was rolling in and away again was a great way to lean into them and not fight or tense against them. Honestly James was amazing, I don’t know how he would have been without the hypnobirth classes Auckland.  The How to guide definitely came in useful!!

Eager to See Progress 

At 8 p.m., James and I decided to get some rest as the contractions hadn't formed a regular pattern. We hoped to catch some sleep, only to wake up at 10:30 p.m. with painful contractions closer together, all while remembering the valuable lessons from our Hypnobirth Classes Auckland. Excitement filled the air as we called the midwife and made preparations to head to the hospital. Our family rallied together, with my parents providing crucial support.

6cm Dilated - Let's Go Have This Baby

Upon arrival at the hospital, we were taken to a delivery room and were so grateful to find our lovely midwife there filling the pool. Fate seemed to be on our side, a room and pool was available yay. After an examination, I was stunned to learn that I was already 6cm dilated. I wasted no time and expressed my desire to get into the birthing pool to welcome our baby.

Getting into the Birthing Pool and using Hypnobirthing Techniques 

Entering the pool around 2 a.m., I felt instant relief as the water cradled my bump. The atmosphere was serene, with electric candles lighting the room, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the Hypnobirthing pictures you see on insta. As James played our playlist, I relaxed in the water, calmly breathing through my contractions.

 "It Was Honestly Bliss" 

I can honestly say that the experience was sheer bliss, a result of the power of deep breathing, learned through our Hypnobirthing Classes with Donna. Time seemed to slip away, and before I knew it, it was 5:15 a.m. I stepped out of the pool for an examination, now at 8 to 9cm dilation, my waters still intact, and the pressure building.

 Things Got Intense 

Despite a brief slowdown, James and I remained confident in my body's ability, a belief instilled by our Hypnobirthing Classes. I can just say I was quietly confident I could do this, and work with my body to see my baby born soon! At 8:30 a.m., we agreed to break my waters to ramp up contractions. The relief was instant, and I got back into the pool. Soon, contractions became incredibly intense, and I began to push.

 "I'm Not Letting Go of This Hand!" 

As the contractions intensified, I felt the overwhelming urge to push, remembering the techniques I'd learned in my Hypnobirthing class I used the down breath and felt in control. With each contraction, I pushed with all my might, and our baby's head emerged slowly. my midwife asked me to flip around for monitoring as Finn prepared to make his grand entrance. This was the most challenging part, with a maternity assistant offering her hand for support, another lifeline was peoples kindness and support.  They really embraced our calm birth wishes and I really felt safe.

 The Arrival of Baby Finn 

Finally, at 09:58 a.m., after an hour and a half from 8cm dilation to delivery, Baby Finn arrived, filling the room with joy and relief. James and I held our newborn son, overwhelmed with pride.

 "I Had My Dream Birth" 

We spent some precious time together in the pool until the umbilical cord finished pulsing. We gazed at each other, basking in the exhaustion and exhilaration of the moment. Finn was handed to James while I left the pool to deliver my placenta.

 A Perfect Ending 

As I lay on the bed, staring at my husband and son, I felt an overwhelming sense of bliss. Our family was now complete, and our experience at Auckland North Shore Hospital was nothing short of incredible. I know I would not have had such a beautiful experience unless I had completed Donna’s Hypnobirth Classes Auckland, we both learned so much and went into birth knowing how I wanted it to be and how to use the Hypnobirthing techniques to suit me and my wants and needs.  James was the best student and was really excited to put all the techniques into practice, My water birth has given me the dream birth I'd always longed for, and I had learned to trust my body completely.

Emma and James - Auckland North Shore - 2023 

And that, dear readers, is the beautiful birth story of the beloved Finn, a testament to the strength of women and the magic of childbirth, made even more memorable with Hypnobirthing Auckland North Shore classes. Congratulations to James and Emma on your incredible journey to welcoming your precious little one into the world!


Thanks for sharing

Donna x

Sleeping Newborn

The Birth of Baby T - From My Heart

Hey there, I want to share our incredible journey with hypnobirthing and the arrival of our second child, Baby T. It all began when my partner and I decided to take an intensive hypnobirthing course with the amazing Donna. We didn't have much time, and we were about to experience our first home birth. Let me take you through our story - a story that taught us the true magic of hypnobirthing and the immense joy of welcoming Baby T into our lives.

Feeling a little uncomfortable:

Picture this... It was March 28, 2020, and I was almost a week past my due date with our second child. (And our firstborn was just a little over two years old!) As the clock struck noon, I was at my wit's end with pregnancy discomfort. So, I turned to my trusty birthing ball, bouncing away in hopes of inducing labor and finding some much-needed relief. But, here's the twist - my happy place has always been outdoors. So, I decided to go for a walk at Auckland. That's when it all began. Contractions crept in, and instinctively, I turned to the breathing techniques Donna had taught us. My sister and best friend joined me, armed with their laughter and distractions - just the right kind of support to get me through.

Managing Labor Well: Feeling in control and managing labor well

Fast forward to when we got back home. I discovered that my mucus plug had made its grand exit, a clear sign that labor was officially underway. But here's the thing.... This labour felt completely different from my first experience, which stretched over an excruciating three days. This time around, I felt more in control, better equipped to handle those surges. Even with the world dealing with the pandemic, the idea of a home water birth brought a sense of peace. I chose to ignore the chaos outside and focus solely on the beauty of the moment.

Creating a Comfortable Environment: Feeling real and setting up the cozy environment

Imagine this scene... My brother-in-law looking after our dog, my mother taking care of our 19-month-old, and our living room transforming into a sanctuary of calm and warmth. My partner took the reins and set up an incredibly cozy birthing space, complete with fairy lights, tea light candles, and cherished photographs. It was the kind of environment that Donna had encouraged us to create - calm, cozy, and filled with all things that make us smile.

Entering the Birthing Pool:

Around 2 am, after six hours of surges, I felt that unmistakable shift - things were intensifying. We called the home birth team to give them the update. The birthing pool was being filled, soft music filled the air, and the hypnobirthing MP3s Donna had shared wrapped around us like a warm embrace. I had used those very MP3s during my pregnancy, and they had a way of transporting my mind to a place of calm and positivity. As the midwives arrived, I eased into the birthing pool, with my partner and sister by my side. Laughter and support flowed freely.

Transition and Birth: I knew baby was coming!!

By 8:00 am, those surges had intensified to the point where gas and air just didn't cut it anymore. My partner and I communicated seamlessly with the midwives, who were nothing short of amazing in respecting our wishes and keeping interference to a minimum. At 8:40 am, we received the news that I needed to leave the birthing pool due to our baby's heart rate dropping. It was a tough call, but deep down, I knew it was the right one. As I moved into a squatting position, preparing to exit the pool, a surge took me by surprise. I pushed instinctively, and there it was - our baby's head crowning I couldn't believe it!!!

The Joy of Birth: I loved every moment of the birth

Imagine the warmth of the birthing pool, the feeling of our newborn cradled in my arms - I was too overwhelmed with joy to immediately check the gender tho. My partner, my sister, and I shared tears of happiness. The cord was clamped, and after some time, my partner cut it. A midwife tended to our little one, while another helped me deliver the placenta. With our precious bundle in my arms, I sank into the sofa, taking in the pure magic of the moment.

Conclusion and Postpartum: Using hypnobirthing after birth

Not long after Baby T's arrival, the world was thrown into a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting our family and friends had to wait, but I had something truly special to lean on - the techniques I had learned through hypnobirthing. They helped me manage anxieties, adapt to life with two children, and even navigate breastfeeding with ease. We welcomed Baby T at 8:46 am, weighing 9lbs 8oz. I can't wait for the world to return to normalcy so we can share our inspiring home birth story with everyone.

As an experienced Hypnobirthing Practitioner I know what works.

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