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Online Mums & Bubs Yoga @Home Ondemand

  • 50Weeks
  • 25Steps


Participating in a mum's & Bubs yoga class is one of the best things you can do whilst for your body & mental health. The classes offer a gentle way to exercise, a low impact workout without stress or strain on the body. We use gentle exercises and relaxation techniques to help make you feel good about yourselves and recover from birth. Our classes help you release tight hips, address back pain, help with sciatica pain, release tension and help you enjoy and relax into your post birth body. And while its a great way to get some me-time, its also a lovely opportunity to bond with baby. Our baby yoga classes are so much fun, filled with song and baby yoga to help baby development. What do you get when booking with us you get.... - 8 Yoga videos for Mums & Bubs - 5 Quick Stretch videos, we don't always have time for a full length class to stretch & strengthen!! Wellbeing - 1 Mood Lifting Yoga Flow video - Post Birth Debrief & Dealing with Birth Trauma Workbook - Breathe into Calmness Video - FREE MP3's Mindful Mamma Hypnosis to support your Motherhood Journey - FREE Baby Massage Video Access to Soul Sisters Members private, community on Facebook. You can chat to other mums who have recently been through the same journey as you. *The course content is only designed for those post your 6wk (10 wks for C-Section births) check up and the participant has approval from their care provider. By taking care of yourself you are taking care of your family!!

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