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First Time Birth Story After Taking Hypnobirthing Classes

This story was sent to me via email by some lovely clients I had the pleasure of teaching in a 3 week face to face group class. They have given us permission to share but names have been changed to keep things anonymous. What a fantastic experience it sounds like they had! “We just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all your help preparing us for birth. We had such a positive experience and we are sure that this was down to the excellence of hypnobirthing. Sam was born last Tuesday morning on the Labour Ward at NSH; the Birth Centre was not an option owing to heavy meconium in my waters. But all the same, we stuck to the first principle of hypnobirthing which we thought was to make the experience positive no matter the process. We went to the hospital expecting an induction at 41+4, but as soon as I walked through the door of the ward I felt surges. I was examined and my waters spontaneously broke over the midwife! She said I was 4cm dilated, but she would report me as 3cm to guard against me being given the label "failure to progress" later. Early labour took about 2 hours in the observation ward, and I was quickly sent over to Labour. To cut a short story shorter: I went from 5cm to 10cm in under 1 hour, and birthed in three pushes. There was no time to use most of our hypnobirthing props! But the reusable straw was invaluable as I spent most of active labour on all fours on the floor. Most important was the breathing: I can truthfully say I breathed my baby out. I was able to recognise each stage of labour from your teaching and I was entirely confident my body knew what it was doing. I also wanted to say that all the work you do preparing birth partners is essential too. The midwife in our room said that Chris was the best birth partner she had ever witnessed. Chris and I truly believe that had we not done hypnobirthing training with you, the whole experience would have unfolded differently. When we started the course I didn't believe that a positive birth was really possible. Instead it turned out to be one of the most empowering and beautiful experiences of my life. Chris thinks the same. It only remains to say that we now regard ourselves as officially A* Hypnobirthers.” Wow what a birth story thanks for sharing Jess & Chris, I'm so proud of you both followed your instincts and had such a positive birth experience. I can wait for a cuddle at mums & Bubs!!

If you want a positive calm birth experience then book your spot on my Hypnobirthing course today so you can start learning how.

See you at the studio or clinic soon

Donna x

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