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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Pregnancy and even motherhood are constantly moving forward, both journeys are filled with soo many new stages and milestones: first midwife appointments, first scans, first births, first cuddles, first words, first steps, first school. We are evolving as mothers constantly, in a world of change we need to stop and appreciate where we are. Don’t get me wrong it can be tricky to love the now….. ESPECIALLY NOW!! It’s completely normal human behavior to be thinking about what comes next, but the beauty in life is the here and now.

Learning to be present is a skill we only learn with practice. So stop and appreciate where you are today, whatever journey of motherhood you’re on. Acknowledge all the little things that you are thankful for TODAY. Take a big breath in, and a long SLOWWWW exhale and take in where you are, every beautiful, ugly, crazy, wonderful moment of this wild motherhood journey.

Its my youngest 9th birthday on Monday, i cant believe how quickly the years have rolled by. We will be celebrating again for the 2nd year under lockdown restrictions, no birthday parties or friends to share it with Birthday essentials presents only as mum was not prepared and appernetly you can only order essential items for delivery!!!!

Real motherhood is not always that Instagramable, but is beautifully complicated and only you can walk your journey. My advice to you muma is embrace it all with grace, and a sense of humor, with love and kindness for yourself as much as you would for a fellow mum. Breathe in the chaos of motherhood, exhale and let go of what you can’t change…. and well embrace what is left.

You’ve got this sister

Donna x

Hypnobirthing Auckland
Hypnobirthing Auckland

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