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A Free Guide to Yoga in Pregnancy

“It is not just the child that is born but the mother also. She never

existed before”. Osho

Never is there a better time to commit to a yoga practice than during pregnancy. As you

step into the unknown it’s so important to carve out some time to prepare physically,

mentally and spiritually for the changes that lie ahead.

In our modern age pregnancy is an insanely noisy time as you are bombarded with

information and opinion about pregnancy and birthing. With so many experts, blogs,

podcasts and advice on demand it’s easy to doubt yourself and your inner knowing.

Your body is perfectly designed to have a baby and there is an innate wisdom that

resides within you that will guide you there if you pause to listen.

Regular yoga practice provides a refuge to step back from the busy mind and

information overload so that you can drop into a quieter space within. From here you

can connect to your baby and access the quieter voice of your body that’s patiently

waiting for you to connect and listen.

A prenatal yoga class with me will cover breathing, physical movement and

mindfulness meditation. Learning how to breathe deeply and fully is vital during

pregnancy at a time of heightened emotions, anxiety and fluctuating energy levels.

Good breathing can play a vital role in managing the massive physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual changes going on in your life as well as optimising energy levels,

boosting immunity and helping you to focus.

The physical practice will help build strength and stamina along with embedding

awareness of the pelvic floor by introducing exercises to build elasticity.

Classes are sequenced so that all of the postures are in some way a preparation for

birth whether it be to ease the sensations of contractions or poses to engage your

baby's head. As your practice becomes more familiar you can explore intuitively how

your body likes to move and learn how to use the breath in postures to help you in


Learning mindfulness and meditation techniques will be useful to soothe and prepare

you emotionally at a time when sleep is erratic and fatigue takes over some days.

I have been teaching pregnancy & postnatal & baby yoga for over 13 years, my training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. I truly love helping women to relax and enjoy their pregnancy, and help women and couples prepare for birth with my hypnobirhting courses. I'm a trained Holistic counsellor and help women heal & recover after natal/birth trauma.

My goal in every class I teach is to help women leave class feeling better than when they arrive!! I Love to hear how mums had the BEST nights sleep after one of my classes.

I look forward to welcoming you in one of my classes soon

Donna x

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