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Birth Partners are you ready..?

I work with lots of couples where birth partners feel unsure how to support women through birth.

“how could I possibly of help…”

“baby is coming out one way or another, not much I can do to help that’s what a midwife is for…”

“I’ll just stay away from the business end and let her do her thing…”


There is soo much you can do for her as her birth partner, after all its called birth partner for a reason.

Birth partners have an active role to play in changing birth into a calm positive experience. There are soo many practical things you can do to help support a woman through labour and birth. And im not just talking about holding her hand and telling her she can do it!!

Although emotional support goes a long way so does massage, so does acupressure, so does being educated around birth and your choices, so does understanding about UFO ha ha no not aliens!!!

Ultimately you have a staring role to play as a birth partner and to give truly the best support educate yourself along with your birth partner on birth, on comfort measure, on your choices and birth preferences and so much more. This will be the biggest thing you can do to achieving a calm positive birth experience.

PLEASE don’t think there is nothing you can do as a birth partner to support a woman through labour & birth. If your reading this then your already one step closer to being the support she deserves. If you want a honest, clear logical approach to birth education, absolutely no false promises or hippy mumbojumbo then join our next course for Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Education today!

Classes fill fast, book through the website, because lets face it, hoping for the best isn’t the way to prepare for labour.

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