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Choices Choices Choices... Yes you do have choices in pregnancy & birth!!

Well let me tell you, they’re pretty much the same as your rights when you’re not carrying or birthing a baby! Here are some of them to be clear….

What are my rights? What do I have a say in?

In New Zealand, you are protected by the Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. These say that by law you have rights to:

  • professional care from skilled staff

  • be treated with respect, including respect for your culture, values, beliefs, customs, privacy and confidentiality

  • know how your information is stored and used, and who it will be shared with

  • view any information held about you and to correct it if necessary

  • know about the services that your midwife or specialist doctor provides

  • have everything you need to know carefully explained, and be able to ask any questions you need so that you can make informed decisions about all the care for you and your baby

  • refuse any care offered to you (and to change your mind at any time)

  • have someone with you for support

  • complain about the treatment you receive.


Nobody can touch your body without permission.

You can birth your baby in a place of your choosing.

You can birth your baby with or without a healthcare professional in attendance.

You can decline anything you want.

You can eat and drink as you wish throughout pregnancy and labour.

You can choose your pain relief.

You are the person in charge of you and while certain things may be the norm or they may be recommended. You get to make all the decisions when it comes you, your body and your baby! For more information about your rights in pregnancy and birth I highly recommend you head over to Maternity Services Consumer Council where they have a FREE information pack to help you navigate the Maternity System.

On my Hypnobirthing course I will help inform you of your choices in birth and help you navigate the maternity system so it reflects your beliefs, and your choices for pregnancy, birth & postpartum! We use evidence based recourse to help you understand the facts & your choices.

If you are wanting a confident, calm positive birth experience join me for our next course, only a few spots left, book now these courses sell out!!

If you want to learn more about Birth, come along to my FREE workshop and learn my top 5 tips for birth!! Happening on Saturday 12 November, save your spot here 👇🏻

See you at the studio or clinic soon

Donna x

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