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What Will My Contractions Feel Like?

This is a hard one to answer… I know that’s not what you want to hear. But everyone will experience contractions/ surges differently. Every subsequent birth might feel different as well, as there are multiple things that can influence our contractions. Some people describe the feelings as : period like pains, dull aches, back pain, stomach upset, cramps, wave sensations, pressure etc. The list goes on as everyone’s bodies are different. With my first birth I found the contractions like intense period pains and struggled to work through them (I had no techniques to help and hadn’t yet discovered hypnobirthing). With my second birth I found them much easier and I was able to breathe when they were more intense and have some gas and air to take the edge off used movement UFO's. Then when my 3rd baby was born I found he pain manageable completely at home, strolled into the birthing unit and nearly gave birth in reception! Luckily my midwife had already filled the pool and in popped and I breathed out a baby. I breathed with my contractions, used my hypnobirthing techniques and stayed calm and relaxed throughout. Contractions often(but not always) start very mild and build up as you get closer to birthing your baby. If you experience your contractions as painful you are not alone and absolutely not a failure! Your body is doing something incredible and at times you may feel like it’s painful. That’s absolutely normal and this is where hypnobirthing comes in! We accept that doing hard things with our bodies may mean we experience pain in other things we do (marathons, exercise etc) but for some reason we aren’t as accepting of it during birth. Hypnobirthing gives you techniques to deal with contractions and allows you to get through them with distraction techniques (they really bloody work! Trust me!) So basically, I wish I could tell you how you were going to feel during contractions but I can’t. But you may feel just sensations or you may feel pain. Either way, you’ve got this. Say it with me! Pain is power! Let’s reframe that negativity! How did you experience contractions! How have people described them to you? Post below..

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