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Why is a Positive Birth experience important?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

You’ve probably heard the phrase positive birth lots of times, especially if you follow birth workers on social media. Accounts such as yoga teachers, hypnobirth teachers, doulas & midwives are some of my favourite accounts to follow!! So, what’s the importance of this familiar phrase, and why does everyone keep going on about it…?

For some women, the impact of birth can be huge, both physically and mentally and can stay with her for a long time. For women who have experienced a traumatic birth the after effects can be damaging for mind & body. In some cases, women may feel they can’t go through it again choosing to not have more children because of fear & trauma.

Heartbreaking isn’t it!! I was one of those women, my first birth was so traumatic its surprising I had any more children. But I was determined my next birth was going to be different. I WAS GOING TO EDUCATE MY SELF IN THE RIGHT WAY for me. I sought out antenatal classes, but to be honest I found them to be unhelpful and even dismissive. 3 told me I didn’t need them I’d already had a baby!! Honestly this is what drove me to become a hypnobirthing teacher.

I found a program based on SCIENCE, and would help with ALL births but also address trauma and learn REAL skills & techniques to help have a positive birth experience. EMPOWERING parents through antenatal education and understanding the maternity system is an important step to having a positive birth experience.

It’s not about having the natural water birth, its about being able to cope when your carefully layed out birth plan goes out the window. Its about feeling confident and empowered to know however birth happens that you are in control and listened too and respected. Truly this is what a positive birth experience is!! That’s why I help educate parents on birth through hypnobirthing & antenatal education.

Go soak up all the positive birth stories and birth education you can, you deserve to feel confident and empowered about your upcoming birth. You’ve got this!!!

Donna x

Hypnobirthing Auckland
Hypnobirthing Auckland

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